In December 2016, Èkó Samba Community was invited to feature on the official song for Calabar Carnival. As a result, a group of nine members from a mix of age groups were selected to attend a recording session with the highly acclaimed Asuquo Cobhams at his studio in Lekki. This was quite a pivotal moment for many of these kids – as their talent and abilities were praised from a highly successful producer from the popular music world. This experience had a significant and lasting impact on the self worth of these children and young people – which is something we continually strive for at Èkó Samba Community.


By teaching children to lift themselves up and know their worth for simply being who they are, we believe we can help change their outlook on life and the way they see themselves. Èkó Samba Community teaches children and young people to respect themselves as well as others, and to celebrate their natural gifts and differences.