Charlie joined Èkó Samba Community when he was 17 years old, in 2015. He had been fending for himself and navigating the streets of Lagos since he was 15 years old. He told us that:

“Èkó Samba Community is a platform of positive expression where you are given the opportunity to believe in yourself, work on yourself and express yourself.”

Charlie has consistently shown great determination to learn, grow and excel within our community. He was employed formally as our Musical Assistant in 2017 and as of April 2019 has been promoted to Project Coordinator. 

He is really thriving in his new role, grateful for the opportunity and keen to learn new things and develop himself professionally. He says that: 

“Musically, Èkó Samba has allowed me to develop and cultivate my musical skills. Personally,  it has changed my life as I can now afford to rent my own apartment after being a street boy for years. Èkó Samba Community leaves you with no option other than YOU CAN DO IT!”