We have a lot planned for this year and we need you to help us achieve our 2018/19 goals:

1. Support our free samba sessions. We are providing free samba drumming workshops to children from the local community of Ijegun-Egba, Satellite Town and need your help to ensure we can keep these valuable classes running all year long. We have around 40-50 children and young people attending regular workshops and rehearsals. We rent a storage room for all of our instruments at a local school within the community and use the school hall and field (weather dependent!) for our rehearsals.

2. Spread the samba love. We regularly take the children on outings to perform throughout Lagos (and beyond!) but don’t always get our costs met. We know how valuable it is for these young people to have a chance to showcase their talents and need your help to cover the cost of things like transportation.

3. Keep Èkó Samba Community going. Although most of the dedicated members of the community who contribute to ESC activities do so voluntarily, we need to fund the core staff who ensure a high quality of programme delivery all year round. As of this year, we now have five staff members on the ground in Lagos who are all young people that have come up through the project. We are thrilled to be able to have them on board as dedicated staff members. We are also continually fixing or making new drums and truly, every little counts.

We welcome your support in any shape or form! Your time and money can help Èkó Samba Community to achieve even more for children and young people in Lagos.

If you are interested in becoming one of financial supporters by donating to our general funds or annual giving programme, please do get in touch for a more detailed proposal of how much funding is needed and how we spend our funds. Alternatively if you feel inspired to hold an event or take up a challenge to help raise funds please also get in touch so that we can help in any way that we can!

The best way to reach us is via our EMAIL : eko.samba@gmail.com  or you can fill the Contact form below and let us know how we can support your fundraising efforts.

If you’ve got some spare change burning a hole in your pocket right now, feel free to just click on the DONATE button which will allow you to donate securely online via Paypal.

You can also HIRE the professional samba collective to perform at events by contacting us on: (0)802-738-7804 or (0)812-665-0457



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