Since our establishment in 2011 we have strived to include a true mix of children and young people, as a reflection and representation of the diversity within Lagos. However it is only in recent months that we can proudly say we now have young women drumming as part of our group. Since September 2016, seven young women have now joined our drumming group – a real breakthrough for our community.


Five out of seven of our new female members relax after rehearsal.

Through regular engagement with the local community and encouragement from their male peers, we have managed to transcend the gender boundary that exists here in Nigeria. These young women finally felt comfortable enough and confident to join in drumming, which is stereo-typically a male dominated art form in Nigeria. We are very proud of our female members and hope that even more will be joining us soon.


Some of our new female drummers pictured here with their chosen instrument.


Ese, pictured above with her drum of choice, the caixa, shared her feelings about why she joined Èkó Samba Community and how it feels to drum as part of the group:

“I enjoy doing it. It’s fun whenever I come here. And then there’s that wild freedom that just takes over you [while you’re drumming] and you just play and forget about your environment. That’s what I really loved when I first saw their videos and that is what made me join them.”