Èkó Samba Community (ESC) started out of the belief that creative arts can be used as a tool to engage and empower children and young people in Lagos, Nigeria. Our project is based in the low-income inner-city area of Ijegun-Egba. Bridging gaps between children from a mix of social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, our non-profit community-focused project provides the young people with team working and leadership skills as well as improving their social responsibility, communication, and free access to learn and perform together.

Our aim is to bring together children and young people by combining the roots and community spirit of Brazilian samba with contemporary and traditional Nigerian rhythms to foster a space in which they can both relate to and can act as a catalyst for their own creativity. We provide free samba drumming classes to children and young people who live in the local area. Above all, we provide a space for children and young people to learn, create, perform and enjoy together as part of a community.